Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Download Maatran Full Movie Free

From this month till the end of the year, there was lot of films to be expected by the audience. Yet, some of the movies story was known to the audience very well, but the news of Maatran was still under progress only. The brief story of the Maatran which was said by the source was really eager to hear.
The movies title is very nice and it is suitable for the movie said by the source because “Maatran”, the word meaning is “Changing”. Yes, off course in this movie also there is a change. What was the change asked to source? They said that, “Everyone knows that Surya is doing as a double acting role in this movie. The first surya lead as Hero and the other as Villain.”
In the first half of the film, Hero Surya would get died and leaves her lover alone. Villain Surya, in the next half of the film will fill the Heroes place and whether he would catch by the Heroes lover is the remaining movie said by the source. Heroine role is lead by Kajal Agarwal and the director of the movie is K.V. Anand.

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